Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What about if your lipgloss goes all over him?

i recently asked a question about how to kiss. i was just wondering is it ok if you lipgloss goes all over his lips?What about if your lipgloss goes all over him?
dont wear lipglossWhat about if your lipgloss goes all over him?
well some guys dont mind some guys mind... but better safe than sorry.. id say dont wear lipgloss.. wear lipbalm or something sweet thats kinda like lipgloss :)

ex- smackers (however u spell it :p) i know theyre kiddish but theyre good :P lol
It really depends on the guy. He might not like it because he will feel like a girl. Or he might like it because he feels like a part of you is stuck on him.
He can wipe it off later... Don't worry so much, yeah?
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  • Do u know what color blush i should put on? eye liner? eye shadow? lipstick? lipgloss? other makeup?

    i have light peachy skin with a light pink lips. i have thin eyebrows and medium sized eyes. no freckles. not tanned. a perfect nose. not flattish.Do u know what color blush i should put on? eye liner? eye shadow? lipstick? lipgloss? other makeup?
    usually if you go to makeup counters at the mall they can suggest colors for you. you dont really have to buy from them, just get their adviceDo u know what color blush i should put on? eye liner? eye shadow? lipstick? lipgloss? other makeup?
    Just use subtle shades, and less is more! Physicians Formula has really good bronzer strips w/ different shades.

    All you really need is mascara, a neutral eye shadow (light brown or maybe even light pink), and some lip gloss.

    Save the eye liner and lipstick for special occasions.

    Gel like, or gel based or water based/light lipgloss?

    know of any? with a tint please :)Gel like, or gel based or water based/light lipgloss? %26lt;%26lt;%26lt;---this is called staniac tinted gel brush in prom queen i think that might be what ur talking about.

    u might like a lipstain too. that might give u the look u want. im not sure exactly what ur talking about. sry. hope this helps anyway!

    Whats the best lipgloss and why(that isnt sticky or is like lip stck)?

    ?????what brand where can i get it thanx and if u kno wats the best chapstick....thanxWhats the best lipgloss and why(that isnt sticky or is like lip stck)?
    I think covergirl wetslicks crystals is the best because it gives you nice color and it very shiny. It doesn't taste too bad either and is not sticky at all. I like Burt's Bees( I think that's the name, it's yellow and everywhere) Chapstick the best. It's all natural. For cheaper chapstick I also like the regular Chapstick brand. I love the cherry flavor.Whats the best lipgloss and why(that isnt sticky or is like lip stck)?
    Those wetslicks fruit spritzers that you can get at the drug store. They're lip gloss with tons of different colours, shimmers, and flavours. They could be in tubes or with a wand. I like the wand better because you control it more. It was advertised with the help of Rihanna too!
    cover girl fruit spritzersthey taste soooo good and they are shiny without the goopy sticky crap all over your thing ever!
    Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers.

    It's great!! and not sticky :)
    Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers!!!!
    mac lipglass

    Who doesnt like lipgloss at ALL?

    who hates lipgloss?Who doesnt like lipgloss at ALL?
    me. it is too sticky and messy. i like chapstick better(: it makes your lips soft and they are more kissable then when using lipgloss.Who doesnt like lipgloss at ALL?
    I could do without it in the world.

    but i luv cherry chapstick
    my cousin.

    Covergirl amaze-mint lipgloss ?

    I wanted to get it. Anyone have a rough idea of the price, and is it worth it ?

    I'm really not usually cheap like this-- but all I need is a basic lipgloss to throw in my purse and I thought the added mint extracts would be a good bonus.

    Shade suggestions for covergirl amaze-mint for fair skin with yellow-ish undertones please ?

    Thanks!Covergirl amaze-mint lipgloss ?
    I LOVE covergirl's amazemint lip gloss, it's awesome!! It only costs $5 or $6 %26amp; it's worth every penny! I'm pale %26amp; i use freedom of peach. The color is awesome. If you go to covergirl's website they will tell you what color would look best on you when you give them your information.Covergirl amaze-mint lipgloss ?
    Omgoshh , the covergirl amaze-mint lip gloss is like the best thing that has been ever invented ! It moisturizes your lips and actually freshens your breath! When you apply it on theres this tingling sensation. After that you become addicted to it! :D So its really convenient when that cute boy walks around the corner or when you just wanna freshen up. Hope i helped! %26lt;3
    i wouldent buy anything from covergirl thats for your skin because they test on animals but i do like the stuff from urban decay they sell this brand at ulta and at sephora they have really nice make up and they have something simalar to what you are looking for

    hope i helped :]
    Amazemint costs about 5 or 6 dollars and it's amazing!!!! for your skin tone i would get the shade Everythings Rosy

    A good conditioning lipgloss??

    Can anyone tell me of a lipgloss that will also make my lips feel moistrised and soft?

    I love MAC lipglass but it doesn't really condition my lips.

    Can anyone help?A good conditioning lipgloss??
    Try either Clarins or Clinique for lip glosses that are actually balms with lots of added colour (they look just like glosses and once on, they last for ages and my lips then feel really good!). I personally prefer Clarins (better colour range) but Clinique's gloss does last longer!A good conditioning lipgloss??
    tru putting chapstick before you put on your lipgloss
    can try vasline lip therapy - its a tube form - comes in white tube (original favour) or pink ones (strawberry favour). It conditions the lip, but not really a lip gloss
    There's this kind by Sally Hansen, on one end there's a lip conditioner, and the other is lipgloss..those work pretty well
    clinique..they are moisturing spf and non sticky..preety in shades!
    Clinque superbalm is tinted and conditioning. I am allergic to most lip glosses but Clinque works great for me!
    The ones by Bobbi Brown are really good. They have sun protection, mint taste and make your lips soft.

    Same with Clinique
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